Vintyge Visuals

Time for Growth

Awaken the vision you never let slip away. No holding back, this is everything you ever could’ve imagined. TIME. FOR. GROWTH.

           - VV

Release that inner you…

Often we get so caught up in our daily lives, we can leave behind ideas and thoughts of that better self each of us want within’ us. Listen, life can get hectic! Keeping up with the constant change you are evolving in will be difficult. Thats just it though… you keep on evolving. With the opportunity given for new chances, new days to open your eyes and release that inner you… you just got to do it. Put in everything for the voice in your head that’ll never give up on what you want. Change will happen… believe in yourself.

           - Ty (Creator of VV)

Road to the Unknown…

A reminder to self.

It’s easy to become consumed by the thought you aren’t good enough in what you do because you compare it to what the rest has done. That ends up shattering a dream that was never crushed until you let it slip. Don’t hide inside yourself by shadowing your intelligence. You are woke with those thoughts to be that version of you for a reason. Everything has a reason. You got pictures to post? Post them. You got drawings, paintings, sculptures created? Display ‘em all. Whatever it is you believe in, whatever it is that you do… You can have what you want. I believe that. I also believe you already have all you need to get started. You control the limit to your life. For us, there isn’t one… 

Journey has no limits.

           - Ty Z

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